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How do I apply

Applying a 'leave-on' emollient is simple.

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The Quick Start Guide to Using Applied Emollients

Emollients should be smoothed onto dry skin in the direction of hair growth and then allowed to soak in. Don’t vigorously rub the emollients into your skin.

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A Quick Start Guide to Dry Skin

You should always read the patient information leaflet within your emollient pack for full instructions, or speak to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist for further information.

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Emollizoo App Leaflet

EmolliZoo is a free educational app that helps children with eczema and their families learn how to manage the condition and the effective use of emollients. For further information visit .
The information about eczema in the app has been accredited by National Eczema Society.

Parents and guardians:

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A fun, free mobile app to help children and parents learn about dry skin, emollients and how to use them.

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